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So... How've You Been?

We’ve all been there before. You meet a new friend, or run into an old one at some place or another. You have a good time, share a few stories, maybe a couple of laughs, and your hopes for the future. Eventually it becomes time to part ways, and that’s when it happens. You make the inevitable promise to stay in touch. Sure, it sounds easy enough, and the words just roll off the tongue as you say, “I’ll give you a call sometime”, or “Let’s get together soon”. It’s not a lie. You mean it. We all do. In that moment we actually believe that a call will be placed at a date that is in the relatively near future. But, something happens. Time begins to go by, and that call that you meant to make, or that card that you needed to write, doesn’t quite get done. Then the pressure begins to mount. After a certain amount of time, the call you should have made, or the card you meant to write, doesn’t seem like enough effort to justify the time that it has taken to do them, so they don’t get done. After all, it is going to take something spectacular to dazzle said hypothetical friend into forgetting that so much time has gone by since your last meeting, and that fateful promise was given. The pressure continues to mount as even more time goes by, thus necessitating an even larger display of of wit and creativity, or at least a death in the family, to serve as an acceptable excuse. Yet the epiphany never comes. Nor does a family member depart. So, the call is never placed, the card is not written, and so great is your embarrassment, that you secretly hope to never run into said hypothetical friend again. We’ve all been there before. I’m actually there right now.

When last we were together, gentle reader, there were a couple of questions left hanging in the balance that I can now answer. Will the movie event of the year which is Zombies During Third Period... Again! be completed in time to premiere at Comic-Con? As you have been waiting almost a year for this answer, I will keep it simple and answer succinctly. No, is the answer. It turns out that the best movie to be made in 2010 will most likely be completed in 2011. This is due to the laws of nature which only allow 24 hours to be present in a single day. Since no large corporation or other financial benefactor could be seen coming in with buckets full of cash to free up those hours reserved for working in exchange for money to buy food, the film remains unfinished. However, the project is not lost. The director has assured me that progress is still being made (and we all know there is no stopping progress), and there is really a good chance that the film will be finished sooner rather than later. Until then, if you haven’t had a chance to see it, you can whet your appetite by watching the trailer HERE. As for Comic-Con, my eyes have yet to behold it, and all it’s geeky wonder, but alas 2011 will be a new year. Who knows what it will hold?

Also at the time of our last meeting, I had just embarked on the next leg of my journey to become a real, live, honest to goodness filmmaker. I was attempting to write my first feature length screenplay using the wisdom and guidance of the book How to Write a Movie in 21 Days. “How did that go?”, you may be asking yourself. “Did the book help you to write your first feature length screenplay”? These are great questions, gentle reader. Questions that I will happily answer... but just not right now. I will say that I was able to take the next step in my journey, but the road to becoming a real, live, honest to goodness filmmaker is a windy one and there have been a couple of twist and turns along the way. I look forward to telling you all about them. But until then, it was really good to see you again, gentle reader, we’ll have to get together again soon!


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