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The Danger of Dreaming

Let me first say this, despite the title of this week's post, if your dream was to get to read two brand new Matthew 13 Blog posts in two weeks, then dream on, gentle reader, because your dream is coming true!

However, not all dreams come true.  Some would say that one should be realistic about hopes and dreams, as to escape the pain of disappointment should said hopes and dreams prove to be out of reach.  I do not subscribe to that philosophy.  I think it could be just as easily argued, that the only way to accomplish great things is to have great dreams.  I do think there is a danger in dreaming, but the danger lies not in disappointment, but somewhere else.

I am definitely a dreamer.  My dream is to go from being an aspiring filmmaker, to a real life, honest to goodness filmmaker.  I don't know if that dream will come true for me, or how far I will get on the journey, but having that dream is what encourages me to try.  So, you may be asking yourself, "where for is thi…

So... It's Been Awhile

Understatements.  We all make them.  I suppose it's just another way of making ourselves feel better about some truth we don't really want to admit.  After all, it is far easier to say, "Yeah, I guess I haven't been getting much exercise lately", than it is to admit the only walking that takes place is from the couch to the fridge.  Or worse, that even that level activity causes more labored breathing than one would hope to have, after taking only fifteen steps or so.  So, it is with that in mind, gentle reader, that I admit, it has been a little while since my last post.  Ok, maybe more than just "a little".

Why the long silence?  It's not that I don't miss you, or our one sided chats.  I do, and to prove it, here I am, once again placing pen to paper (or fingers to plastic keys), to resume the tale of my journey.  The journey of going from an aspiring, to a real life, honest to goodness filmmaker.  And what a journey it has been.

When we last …