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Well, here we are in the second month of a brand new year. There is still more than enough time to make 2010 a great year in which countless dreams come true... just not quite as much time as there was a month ago. Nonetheless, gentle reader, the road to become a real live, honest to goodness filmmaker beacons, and waits for no man, (or me either for that matter). Principal photography on future box office record holder Zombies During Third Period... Again has been completed and is even now being shaped and molded into celluloid artistry. If you want a peak at some of the work that went into said artistry feel free click right here. With a job well done (or at the very least.. done) behind me, I am left with one fundamental question. What's next?

When I first began to chronicle my journey to become a real live, honest to goodness filmmaker I stated that my goal was to try and undertake a feature length project. I have completed a few different short projects (a couple of whi…