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The First Day of the Rest of My Script

Here we are, gentle reader. The year 2011, and still no sign of personal jet packs anywhere near the horizon. I thought this was supposed to be the future? Alas, maybe someday, but I digress. I hope that your New Year was a pleasant one, and that the past few days find all of your resolutions still firmly in place and moving you forward to a brighter future. Speaking of resolutions, I am reminded of the time when I had resolved to see if it was possible to write a movie in 21 days. Gather round gentle readers, as I recall the tale.
After having successfully completed all of the exercises and the pre-work, I was excited when Day 1, of my 21 days, finally arrived. My momentum was strong and I was ready to keep right on rolling. Now once again, I should note that the idea I was working on was not a new one to me. I had a firm grasp of the general story, characters, and plot line, so as I was doing the pre-visualization and placing my "story markers", I was able to do so …

How to Write a Movie

Season's Greetings, gentle reader! As I write this, I'm hoping your Christmas was a merry one, and that your new year is poised to be full of the excitement of great things to come. It seems hard to believe that 2010, the year we make contact, is almost over. As the new year rapidly approaches it seems like a good time to reflect, and catch you up on, the last year's adventures. It seems like only yesterday that I set out to write my first feature length screenplay. However, it was in fact the second month in the year of our Lord two thousand and ten, that I sat at my desk and began to type. Come close, gentle reader, as I recount the tale of writing a movie in 21 days.
As I have mentioned before, (but since it has been quite some time I will take a moment to mention it again), I have had a revelation about myself and what I truly want from "How to" books. If I am absolutely honest with myself, and by extension, you gentle reader, every time I buy a book, I d…

So... How've You Been?

We’ve all been there before. You meet a new friend, or run into an old one at some place or another. You have a good time, share a few stories, maybe a couple of laughs, and your hopes for the future. Eventually it becomes time to part ways, and that’s when it happens. You make the inevitable promise to stay in touch. Sure, it sounds easy enough, and the words just roll off the tongue as you say, “I’ll give you a call sometime”, or “Let’s get together soon”. It’s not a lie. You mean it. We all do. In that moment we actually believe that a call will be placed at a date that is in the relatively near future. But, something happens. Time begins to go by, and that call that you meant to make, or that card that you needed to write, doesn’t quite get done. Then the pressure begins to mount. After a certain amount of time, the call you should have made, or the card you meant to write, doesn’t seem like enough effort to justify the time that it has taken to do them, so they d…