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Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

As Frankie Laine sat, putting pen to paper, telling the tale of what it was like to herd cattle across the open plains, I doubt that he had the art of filmmaking in mind. However, that doesn't mean there isn't something to be learned from his old west ballad /theme song. To use another old west phrase, "There's gold in them there..... song".
As I continue on my journey to become an honest to goodness, real live filmmaker, I have noticed that I often fall victim to the laws of physics. To make matters worse, you and I both know, gentle reader, you cannot change the laws of physics. Scottie said it all the time to Captain Kirk on Star Trek, so you know it has to be true. "What laws of physics?", you might ask. "And what does that have to do with driving cattle"? Good questions all, gentle reader. Let me explain. To date, the largest obstacle that I have had to overcome in my journey to become a honest to goodness, real live f…

Boys and their Toys

Welcome back gentle reader, has it seemed as long for you as it has for me? Okay, probably not, but it is still good to see you. A long time ago I heard the phrase, "The only difference between men and boys, is the price of their toys". Well, I have come to tell you, gentle reader, that after much consideration I think that statement might be true. The only thing I would add is, after a certain age, the items we seek after cease to be called "toys" and start to be called "tools". These tools can take many different forms. For many men, their expensive toys are actual tools. They take the form of drills, compressors, nail guns, and this really cool saw that cut a car in half as I was watching it on TV. For the aspiring filmmaker, tools can come in the form of cameras, lights, and computer software. Technology is constantly improving and singing the siren's song to any filmmaker within earshot. It promises the aspiring filmmaker that major stu…

The Chicken or the Egg (An introduction to Matthew 13 Blog)

Hello. Let me first start by welcoming you, gentle reader, to my blog. My name is Matt, and this blog is going to be an account of my efforts to become a real, live, honest to goodness filmmaker. Kevin Smith was once quoted as saying that you become a filmmaker by "Being a filmmaker". Now, while that advice appears a little vauge, and may seem to vere toward the useless side, at least on the surface, I think that what he was trying to say was, in order to be a filmmaker you must believe that you ARE a filmmaker. There is no degree, no certificate, nor power ring that you can achieve that will suddenly make people stand up and take notice that you not only are a maker of films, but have in fact achieved the title of "Filmmaker"tm. If you think of yourself as one, you are one. It does not matter the quanity, or maybe even the quality of your work. No matter whether you shoot on 35mm, Super16, MiniDV, or VHS, if you have the desire to tell a story through the …