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All Your Questions will be Answered

It's no secret, to those who know me.  I spend some time in front of the television.  Well, maybe more than just "some".  Many people would probably look at my definition of "some" and redefine it as "a lot".  In a culture where the average person watches approximately four hours of television a day, I can honestly say, I'm above average.  Which is almost always a good thing to be able to say, right?  Truth be told, I enjoys me some TV, but I won't watch just anything.  I have to be drawn in by either the story, or by the characters.  There was one show, in particular, that drew me in.  It had all the makings of a great story.  There was a plane crash, a tropical island with polar bears, some sort of smoke monster, and people who were once in wheelchairs could walk again.  Week after week I would watch this show and get more and more drawn in, as more and more mysterious things began to happen.  After a few years there were those that became disillusioned with the program.  Things weren't making sense, new characters seemed to appear from nowhere.  Old characters, who were supposed to be very important, were no longer on the show, with no mention as to why they were supposed to be so important.  The smoke monster made clicking noises.  People became frustrated, but I hung in there and kept on watching.  Why?  Because of one promise the show kept making.  All of your questions will be answered.  Since week one, all of the actors promoting the show claimed that the writers had a plan.  Everything would make sense, eventually.  So I watched.  Week after week, year after year, until six years had passed.  Finally, it was time for the show to end, and after six years of flash backs, flash forwards, and flash sideways, they basically said, "weird stuff just seems to happen here".

I must tell you, gentle reader, I was not happy.  I felt that I had invested a great deal of time over the last six years, and the payoff was quite low.  The writers didn't answer all of the questions, and a lot of the questions they did answer only lead to bigger questions.  As a faithful viewer, I felt that I had been strung along and lied to.  I had been promised that all my questions would be answered, and they were not.  Shame on you writers, shame on you.

Well, they say that whenever you point your finger at someone, there are always three fingers pointed back at you.  That is the case here.  It occurs to me that over the time I have written this blog there have been several events that I have written about, that I have not brought to a satisfactory conclusion.  In order to escape some of the shame I so freely cast about at others, I thought I should answer any questions before moving forward.

So, what happened with that zombie movie you were working on, and did it ever get into Comic-Con?

I am pleased to announce that the genre redefining mega blockbuster "Zombies During Third Period...Again!" was in fact completed.  It had a very successful home town screening at the State Theater in Modesto, with all primary cast,  and writer/director , Neal Barlow, in attendance as well as a full crowd of over two hundred movie goers.  To see the trailer, read more about the final film, or even pick up a copy on DVD or Blu-ray, just go ahead and click right HERE.

In my earlier writings about the film, I had told you that "Zombies" had not been completed in time to submit to Comic-Con 2010.  But what about Comic-Con 2011?  Well. let me put your troubled mind to rest and tell you, the film did get completed in time to submit to Comic-Con 2011 and was sent off to the selection committee.  After having seen the finished film, my hopes were very high that the month of July would find me in San Diego getting my "geek" on in a major way.  I thought that there was very little chance that we would not selected.  I suppose that is the kind of confidence one should have about their work, but I am sorry to report that the selection committee, became more of a rejection committee for "Zombies".  "Zombies" was not chosen to be a part of the 2011 Comic-Con Independent Movie Festival, and my dream of walking down isle after isle packed with wonders too great to be spoken, remains just that, a dream.  Next question.

I see that you finished your film, but what happened with the "Big Break" contest?  Did you finish your film in time?

That's a good question, gentle reader, but alas we are out of time.  So let me encourage you to tune in next week, when I can promise you, all of your questions will be answered!


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