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Well, here we are in the second month of a brand new year. There is still more than enough time to make 2010 a great year in which countless dreams come true... just not quite as much time as there was a month ago. Nonetheless, gentle reader, the road to become a real live, honest to goodness filmmaker beacons, and waits for no man, (or me either for that matter). Principal photography on future box office record holder Zombies During Third Period... Again has been completed and is even now being shaped and molded into celluloid artistry. If you want a peak at some of the work that went into said artistry feel free click right here. With a job well done (or at the very least.. done) behind me, I am left with one fundamental question. What's next?

When I first began to chronicle my journey to become a real live, honest to goodness filmmaker I stated that my goal was to try and undertake a feature length project. I have completed a few different short projects (a couple of which can be seen here and here), and I felt that, for better or for worse, I was ready to attempt something longer. My hope has been to write a script that would yield a finished project that is no fewer than seventy-five minutes, and could be as long as ninety minutes. It was my thinking that I would be writing said script while I was working on Zombies. The idea being, that I would have some fun and gain some momentum while working on Zombies, and then upon wrapping Zombies, I would be ready to just shift gears and start production on my feature. It seemed like a good plan. I love good plans. They look so great typed out and sitting there on paper. They're so fun to look at and dream about. However, they do have one fundamental flaw. In order to truly be effective, even the very best plan requires some sort of execution, or else they do nothing. So, now I know. And we all know, gentle reader, that knowing is half the battle. Nonetheless, I find myself at the end of one project with my feet firmly planted in what can only be described as square one.

While I have not put pen to paper, so to speak, or finger to plastic key, to be more accurate, I have made a couple of investments toward getting my feature length script written. I have recently purchased "How to write a movie in 21 Days" by author Viki King. However, this is not the first screenwriting book that I have purchased. I have in my possession "The Screenwriter's Bible" by David Trottier, "The Screenwriter's Problem Solver" by legendary author Syd Field, and also "Story" by Robert McKee. I find I am aquireing a fairly decent screenwriting library. Even so, I could not wait for my latest book to arrive, certain that it would hold the key to the chains that have been holding me back. That is when I made a discovery about myself. If I'm really honest with myself, I have to admit I get excited about these books because I hope that simply buying them will give me an Oscar worthy feature length script. That through some sort of literary magic, the book will arrive on Tuesday, I will open it up and be instantly encompassed by some sort of warm welcoming glow, and when I wake up Wednesday morning and boot up my computer there will be a cinematographic masterpiece waiting for me. Now, realizing that this is not likely to happen, I have moved onto the second stage of delusion. Hoping that by actually reading the book, somehow the script fairy will visit my computer and I will have a finished script provided for me. I have, to my dismay, found this line of thinking to also be faulty. So, with my latest purchase I am committed to buying the book, reading the book, and then (and I'm sure this will make some sort of difference) putting into action what is written in the book. To make this book purchase different than all of the purchases that preceeded it, I am actually going to take the twenty-one days and day by day do what the books says. Will I end up with a script at the end of three weeks? I hope so, but if not I will certainly have more than I have right now, and that would be a big step forward in and of itself. We'll just have to see what these next seven days have in store. Until then, keep on keeping on gentle reader, and I will do the same.


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